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What will you be working towards?

Alternative Title Drama and Theatre studies
Code Dra008
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Drama and Theatre' is a practical, intellectual and artistic subject. You will be expected to explore the structural elements of theatre from the page to the stage. In order to be successful and enjoy this subject, you will need to have a keen interest in the history of drama and study the practitioners, theatrical forms and conventions that make theatre such a compelling and exciting subject. You must be able to analyse and critically deconstruct the work you study, create and witness. Students who study Drama at A Level find it challenging, with an excellent mix of both practical and theory work. Students find the productions they work on in both years highly rewarding. Also, if a student clearly has design skills, these can be evaluated and considered for concentrated study when productions take place. You must be prepared to put in the extra time that is required, outside of class, for rehearsals when in productions. There is a large workload so you need to be organised and have an extremely dedicated and conscientious approach in order to be successful in both your practical and written work.


Lessons are a healthy combination of practical learning supported by the necessary academic theory needed to understand the work being studied. Learning takes place through the following: practical workshops, researching background material on a playwright, written research (social/cultural/historical), rehearsal of a production, participating in improvisation, devised work and class discussion. These methods increase the understanding of the subject and provide more detail and substance to the student�s work. The style of homework varies according to the unit of exam work. Research, essay writing and rehearsals are all integral to the course. Four to five hours of private study per week are expected in addition to timetabled lessons. This can, at times, all be taken up with external rehearsals.

How will it be delivered?

� A level in Drama and Theatre will be assessed through a combination of a 40% written exam and 60% Non-Examined Assessment (NEA). Specifications require students to: � Devise an original performance piece for a live audience for your own performance evening � Use one key extract from a published play and a theatre practitioner as stimuli. � Present a group performance of one key extract from a published play � Perform a monologue or duologue from one key extract from a different published play. � Prepare a live theatre evaluation (choice of performance) � Practically exploration and study of a complete published play � focused on as an actor and designer � Practically exploration and interpret another published play, in light of a different theatre practitioner � focusing on how this text could be staged for a contemporary audience

Entry requirements

Standard with a grade 5 in GCSE Drama. An audition will be required for those not studying GCSE drama (Maths resit considered)

Your next steps...

Many students go on to study Acting, Drama and Performing Arts at university or Drama school and progress to working in theatre, television, film, and radio. Studying Drama A Level can also lead to a diverse range of careers from Drama therapy, stage design to script writing. It has also proved invaluable in the journalistic, teaching and legal professions.