Business, Administration and Law

Business, Administration and Law
Business, Administration and Law
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What will you be working towards?

Alternative Title Business A Level
Code Bui006
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


There is a strong argument that in the future everyone will need to have had a business education. Whatever you choose to do in your future, the chances are that it will involve some kind of ´┐Żbusiness´┐Ż. Studying Business will offer you the widest scope and greatest opportunities and flexibility of any subject you could choose. It is exciting and dynamic; you will learn how to think strategically and act responsibly. You will learn how to apply your knowledge to real businesses, work in teams and discover how to present a solid business case. Business Studies will, therefore, prepare you for the world of work and enterprise. It is an excellent basis for a career or for a university degree in many subjects including; Business, Finance, Accounting and Sports Management.


In year 12 you will study: 1. What is Business? 2. Managers, leadership and decision making 3. Decision making to improve: operational performance, marketing performance, financial performance and human resources performance. In year 13 you will study: The same topics as year 12 plus the following additional topics: 1. Analysing the strategic position of a business 2. Choosing strategic direction 3. Strategic methods 4. Managing strategic change

How will it be delivered?

Year 12 assessment is by two one and a half hour written examinations. Paper one consists of multiple choice, short answer and data response questions. Paper two consists of a case study consisting of seven questions. Year 13 assessment is by three two hour written papers at the end of the course: Paper one consists of multiple choice, short answer questions and two essays. Paper two consists of three compulsory data response questions. Paper three consists of a Case Study with six questions.

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Your next steps...

Students who have studied Finance, Business or both at A level had gone on to study a wide range of courses at University as well as into Apprenticeships and positions in Companies both locally and nationally. Students have regularly followed Degree courses in Business itself, Marketing, Accountancy, Fashion, Banking and Law. For non-university students Accountancy and Business Management apprenticeships have proved popular with companies including KPMG, EY, BAE and other more local companies such as BGL. Completing their course or apprenticeship before successful careers with their chosen employer.