Applied Science

Health, Public Services and Care

Health, Public Services and Care
Health, Public Services and Care
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What will you be working towards?

Alternative Title BTEC Level 3 Applied Science
Code App002
Qualification Type National Certificate (BTEC)
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


BTEC Applied Science provides a flexible Introduction to the three scientific disciplines. The course is demanding, but has a wide range of science units. You will learn how things work, how science affects the world around you and how it is used in the workplace and in industry.


As part of your course you will study units in biology, chemistry and physics. You will undertake a substantial amount of laboratory practical work which requires writing up and evaluating. The BTEC course is a combination of formal teaching in specialist subjects as well as the research, presentations, assessments, experimental procedure and note taking. During the two years you will be working through a variety of units including: The principles and applications of science - this covers all science disciplines - biology, chemistry and physics. This unit is externally marked. Practical scientific procedures and techniques -you will be introduced to quantitative laboratory techniques, calibration, chromatography techniques and laboratory safety, which are relevant to the chemical and life science industries. Scientific investigative techniques (externally marked) - you will cover the stages involved and the skills needed in planning a scientific investigation: how to record, interpret, draw scientific conclusions and evaluate. Laboratory techniques and their applications - The unit covers the Importance of health and safety in the workplace, how data is stored and communicated and how organic liquids and solids are made and tested in industry. Principles and applications of Science (II) (externally marked) - this unit extends and builds on the disciplines in unit 1 - biology, chemistry and physics. Investigative techniques - you will carry out an extensive Investigative project. This develops your research skills and understanding of obtaining scientific literature and provide you the skills to write a project in your chosen subject.

How will it be delivered?

Candidates will have externally marked exams alongside the coursework.

Entry requirements

Standard with minimum grade 4/4 in combined science. (English resit considered)

Your next steps...

A qualification in Applied Science can lead to higher education degrees and careers including Physiology, Human Biology and regulation, Biological pathways, disease and infection, forensic science, materials science and applications of organic chemistry.