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Arts, Media and Publishing
Arts, Media and Publishing
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What will you be working towards?

Code 3
Qualification Type International Baccalaureate Diploma
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


The main aims of all group six subjects, which include Dance, Theatre, Film, Music and Visual Art, are to enable students to enjoy a lifelong engagement with the arts; to become informed, reflective and critical practitioners; to explore and value the diversity of the Arts across cultures and time, and to express ideas with confidence.

The aims of IB Dance also include the understanding of Dance as a set of practices with their own histories and theories; to experience Dance as an individual and collective exploration of the expressive possibilities of the body, in various styles, traditions and cultures; and to understand and appreciate mastery in Dance styles, including those from other cultures. Its objectives include the ability to compose and arrange, and to analyse and interpret Dance performance; to develop a comparative knowledge of the history and cultural context of dance in a variety of traditions, and to be able to articulate Dance movement, performing to an audience.



How will it be delivered?

Internal assessment Performance

Assessment is Performance of two or three dances - HL/one or two - SL, at least one of which must be a solo or a duet, in any style or styles, to show proficiency and expressive ability appropriate to the Dance. These performance pieces may be drawn from a single culture/tradition, or from different ones. Overall total length: HL 6-9 minutes; SL 3-6 minutes.

External assessment Composition and Analysis

Using knowledge and experience acquired during the course, students choreograph their own work: three Dance works - HL/two - SL, composed by the student and presented on DVD/video, overall total length 8-15 minutes - HL; 6-10 minutes - SL, with a composition and analysis statement documenting and reflecting on the processes of composition and analysis of one of the Dance pieces: 1000-1500 words - HL; 800-1200 words - SL.

World Dance Investigation

A research task exploring and comparing two dance styles drawn from different cultures, one familiar and one not studied closely during the course; this will be presented as a written investigation of 2000 words maximum - HL; 1500 words - SL; technological processes.

They will also be tested on their ability to produce a balanced stereo mix. examination board, to bring students to professional standard. A visiting examiner will mark the performance. 'The course aims to establish an approach to the performing arts which is multi-disciplinary and develops qualities of imagination, sensitivity and artistic knowledge and understanding.'

Entry requirements

For this level of Dance, students need to have studied some style/form of Dance in the past. This course is not for novices or those who enjoy only a social form of Dance. The course is rigorous and requires some technique. Contact the sixth form if unsure.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme  We require at least seven GCSEs with an average of Grade 5, including English Language and Maths. For subjects you wish to take at higher level you will need at least a grade 6.    International Baccalaureate Career Programme  We require at least five subjects at GCSE grade 4 or higher, ideally including Mathematics and English and preferably with a grade 5 in your area of specialism. Strong interest in the vocational BTEC subject will need to be in evidence at the guidance meeting.


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Dance companies, Dance degree or combined with Musical Theatre