Criminology Level 3 Diploma

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What will you be working towards?

Alternative Title Criminology Level 3 Diploma
Code Cr 21 - 22
Qualification Type National Diploma (BTEC)
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Why Study Criminology?

Not all types of crime are alike. Are you interested in the different types of crime that take place in our society? Are criminals born, or made? How do we decide what behaviour is criminal? What are the different roles of everyone involved when a crime is detected?

Criminology is a course that combines the subjects of Psychology, Law, Politics and Forensic Science to form a new discipline of its own. This is a growing subject nationally. The course can broaden your field of study in the social sciences. You will explore the causes of criminal behaviour, attitudes to crime, criminal investigations and the wider social and psychological aspects of crime.

By studying the underlying causes of crime, we potentially develop solutions. Part of this is exploring ways of how to rehabilitate the criminal. You will explore theories of criminality and use these to analyse criminal scenarios and put forward possible ways of improving society’s response to crime, and hence of reducing it.


What Does The Course Involve?

The course covers an exciting range of topics, covering the Changing Awareness of Crime, Criminological Theories, Crime Scene to Courtroom and Crime and Punishment.

Unit 1 – Changing Awareness of Crime

You will explore how crime reporting affects the public perception of crime and criminals. You will then go on to study how campaigns are used to bring about change and plan a campaign of your own.

Unit 2 – Criminological Theories

You will discover and assess all the theories that have been put forward to explain why crime occurs.

Unit 3 – Crime Scene to Courtroom:

You will gain an understanding of the process of criminal investigations. You will then go on to learn about the prosecution of suspects and be able to review criminal cases.

Unit 4 – Crime and Punishment

You will study every aspect of the criminal justice system and the types and purposes of punishment in England & Wales.

How will it be delivered?

How Will I Be Assessed?

Exam board: WJEC. 50% exam, 50% coursework.

Entry requirements

What Are The Entry Requirements?

Minimum entry requirements for Sixth Form is Five 5s. For this course, a 4 in English Language is required.

Your next steps...

Leading To A Career In?

This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in Criminology. This course can provide a route into Higher Education to study at degree level in a variety of areas such as Criminology, Criminal Justice, Psychology and Forensic Science.

The course would also provide an excellent basis to anyone wishing to pursue a career within Social Work, Mental Health, the Police Force, Customs and Immigration, Prison Services, Court Services, Security Services, the NHS, Education and Youth and Community Services