Customer Service Specialist - Apprenticeship (Standard) - Level 3

Business, Administration and Law

Business, Administration and Law
Business, Administration and Law

What will you be working towards?

Code 7311
Qualification Type Other Regulated/Accredited Qualification
Qualification Level Level 3


A customer service specialist demonstrates professionalism towards customers and supports the organisation. They have a great deal of knowledge about the organisations products and /or services, and act as a point of contact to support customers and colleagues with complex requests, complaints and queries.


Customer service specialists also analyse customer data, implement changes to improve services and are attentive to various digital technologies Roles include customer service specialist, customer service manager, customer service team leader, and customer service executive.

How will it be delivered?

The assessor will visit regularly to coach the apprentice and provide them with appropriate knowledge and guidance to ensure that skills and behaviours are being displayed and to ultimately prepare them for End Point Assessment. Regular progress meetings will take place with the employer to review progression against each aspect of the Customer Practitioner standard. Apprentices will attend workshops to develop their customer service theory which will be instrumental in providing the knowledge element of the standard. Apprentices may develop and maintain examples of their work throughout their apprenticeship that cover the full standard. This could be in the form of a portfolio. The On-Programme Assessment approach will be agreed between the assessor and employer. The assessment will give an ongoing indication of performance against the final outcomes defined in the standard. The assessor will prepare the apprentice for the End Point Assessment, which will include preparation for the interview and collation of the portfolio. Where the apprentice does not have evidence of Functional Skills at Level 1 or an equivalent in Maths and English then they will need to attend college Functional Skills hubs to achieve these prior to End Point Assessment. In addition the apprentice will sit exams for Maths and English at L2 prior to beginning the End Point Assessment. If there are a group of learners in one workplace then we may be able to negotiate the delivery of Functional Skills in the workplace.

Entry requirements

CV to demonstrate current role Job description to confirm customer service role Commitment to dedicate 20% of programme time to off- the-job learning (further details of this on request) Prior agreement and commitment from line manager to support/mentor the apprentice Eligibility EU residency minimum 3 years Assessment of Maths and English skills