A Level History

History, Philosophy and Theology

History, Philosophy and Theology
History, Philosophy and Theology
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What will you be working towards?

Code HI
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


On this course you will study England under the Tudors 1485­ -1603.  This breadth study allows you to see the changes that happened over a long period of time.  It focuses on how Tudor monarchs established and consolidated their power, the religious changes of the period and the danger posed by revolts and opposition from abroad.

You will also study Russia in the first half of the twentieth century.  This depth study focuses on Russia after the fall of the Tsar and looks at the October Revolution and the establishment of communist rule, Stalin’s rise to power and his rule of Russia until 1953.

The coursework element (20%) allows you to study a period of history not studied in the Breadth and Depth studies.  We study Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1965 and in this component you are able to do more individual research and explore an area of history where there has been historiographical debate.


The Breadth Study – Tudor England 1485-­1603:  Using a chronological approach, you will study the main events of these years to ensure you develop a good understanding of the period

The Depth Study – Russia 1917-­1953:  You will look in depth at this short period of major change 

The Historical Investigation:
  A piece of individual research that will begin in the summer term of Year 12

Students are taught an outline of Civil Rights 1865-1965 and then work independently on a question of their own choosing.

How will it be delivered?

Paper 1 Breadth Study ­- 40%
2 hours 30mins – 80 marks in total

Paper 2 Depth Study – 40%
2 hours 30mins – 80 marks in total

Non–Exam Unit – 20%

Coursework on Civil Rights in the USA  1865-1965 - focused on a question of the student’s own choice (The question must be approved by the Exam Board)

Entry requirements

The minimum requirement is 7 GCSE or equivalent passes at grades 9-4 in an appropriate range of subjects, including Maths and English Language at grade 4 or above.

The college will accept one BTEC at Merit level as one GCSE equivalent.

Where a student continues on to an A-level from a GCSE subject, it is advisable for a student to have a minimum of a grade 5. 

Your next steps...

You could take this course to complement other advanced level courses or because you have the intention of studying History further after A-level.  

You may want to do a higher education course in History or a related subject such as English, American Studies, Politics or Archaeology and more general courses.  With further training, you could go into a profession related to History by seeking employment in areas of heritage such as working for a museum or within education such as a teacher.  A History degree is also a very good basis for a career in law, journalism, or the civil service.  You could also go straight into employment, as A-level is a recognised qualification that will help you develop the skills, understanding and knowledge that many employers across lots of industries are looking for.