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What will you be working towards?

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Qualification Level Level 1
Course type Full Time


This is a level 1 course that helps to develop young people's personal and social skills and resilience for working life. The course is aimed at students who may have ASD and need a very quiet and low sensory environment.  This courses suits students who find group work difficult and need to study in their own time and individual learning space, where they feel safe and supported to express themselves and build working relationships with their support staff.

A typical week will be built around your interests and aspirations and you will have a timetable that includes lesson and work experience that will help you gain confidence and skills to take into adult life and work.

Young people will follow an internally awarded qualification and have the chance to do English, maths lessons and employability sessions that help with confidence and social skills and further lessons that develop strategies for managing anxiety and stress.
Lesson will be supported 1:1 and you will work individually or in very small groups of 3 to 4 students.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements but students will need to able to work at E3/ Level 1.
Candidate must have an EHCP.

Assessment for suitability will be made by the EHCP Manager and Curriculum Team Lead for Huntingdon Campus. In addition to the entry qualifications listed, the offer of a place on the course is subject to the outcomes of initial assessment, which will be taken at the College as part of the admissions process. Please note that entry criteria may vary quite significantly between courses at the same level. This is to take account of the specific skills needed for success on particular courses, the length of the course and the requirements for progression to the next level. Entry criteria are given as a guide, and the exact requirements in order to obtain a place on a particular course will be confirmed following attendance at a Welcome Event/Interview.

Your next steps...

The goal of the courses is to try and equip you with the skills and resilience you need to take on to one of the vocational courses offered within Supported Learning or the Supported Internship programme.