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ESOL Study Programme (HC)

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What will you be working towards?

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This course is for you if you live in the UK and need to learn English either to continue with your studies or to find work.

As part of the course you will take an exam called "Skills for Life". This exam is offered at 5 levels (Entry 1 to Level 2). You will be placed in classes corresponding to your initial level of English.
If you make enough progress you can 1) move class and 2) take more than 1 exam during the year.

As part of your programme you will:
• study English at your level.
• This will include pronunciation, exam skills, oral presentation skills, dictionary and study skills.
• You will also learn about British culture and way of life, British Values, Equality and Diversity.
• You will study work-related topics and language; for example: where to find work, understanding job adverts, volunteering, cv writing, interpersonal skills.
• You will have regular one-to-one tutorials with your personal tutor, to review your targets and ensure you are making at least the expected progress.  
• You will also receive careers advice both from your tutor and from the College Careers office.

If you do not have Maths GCSE grade C/grade 4 (or the equivalent from your country: certificate of compulsory secondary education, Pass grade) you will have to study Maths and sit an exam during your course. This is obligatory for all English and ESOL students aged 16-18. It is an excellent opportunity to improve your Maths skills and help you in your future studies and at work.

How will it be delivered?

You will have regular tests in your class to check on your progress and understanding. At the end of a level you will be given a test to check that you are ready to move up to the next level (at least 75% test result).
During and/or at the end of your course (depending on the progress made) you will sit an official English exam as well as a Maths exam (if you don't have GCSE grade C/grade 4 when you start your ESOL programme).
The English exams consist of speaking and listening, reading and writing.

Your teachers and College specialist staff provide both learning and personal support. Your teachers schedule regular individual meetings with you (tutorials) to check that you are making at least the expected progress.
We have specialist staff in the College who can support students outside of class if they have specific learning needs.

Entry requirements

You must be at least 16 years of age and no older than 18 years of age on 31 August.

You will need to attend a Welcome Event and sit a placement test which includes a speaking, grammar and writing test before joining the course. This is to help us decide which class you attend and which level of exam you are asked to sit.

A good school report, showing commitments to your studies, would be a distinct advantage but is not necessary depending on your circumstances.
In addition to the entry qualifications listed, the offer of a place on the course is subject to the outcomes of initial assessment, which will be taken at the College as part of the admissions process. Please note that entry criteria may vary quite significantly between courses at the same level. This is to take account of the specific skills needed for success on particular courses, the length of the course and the requirements for progression to the next level. Entry criteria are given as a guide, and the exact requirements in order to obtain a place on a particular course will be confirmed following attendance at a Welcome Event/Interview.

Your next steps...

You can enrol on this course as long as you are 18 on 31 August, as many times as you need in order to achieve your target level of English.

Once you have reached your target level of English, you will be able to apply for other courses, at Cambridge Regional College or outside. However, you will need to research the courses you are interested in very carefully as some programmes have very specific entry requirements.

It is recommended that you try to achieve Skills for Life Level 1 before you apply for a vocational course at level 2 or level 3 and Skills for Life Level 2 if you want to pursue academic studies (such as GCSE or A Level).

Learners on this programme have progressed to vocational or academic courses, depending on their interests, their educational background and their level of English, either at Cambridge Regional College or in other schools/colleges in the UK or back in their own countries.


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