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English Language A Level

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What will you be working towards?

Alternative Title English Language A Level
Code Es 20 - 21
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Why Study English Language?

If you want to understand how language is used to control and manipulate us by both the media and people in power; how to take apart a piece of language and be able to work out exactly what makes it tick, produce your own language investigation AND dabble in your own creative writing then this is the course for you. 


Paper 1 40 % - Language, the Individual and Society

A focus on individual and immediate social contexts for language, exploring textual variety and language development.

Section A: Textual Variations and Representations

You will explore significant features and patterns in language across a variety of texts. When exploring multiple texts, these will be linked by topic or theme to prepare you for a comparative task in this section.

Section B: Children’s Language Development

You will delve into the fascinating world of child language development, exploring how children develop their spoken and written skills.

Paper 2 40%: Language Diversity and Change

You will consider language outwardly, reflecting on larger-scale public discourses about change and variety, drawing on regional, ethnic, national and global Englishes.

Section A: Diversity and Change

You will explore a range of examples of language in use and research data to inform your study of diversity and change. This will include analysis of texts using different sociolects and dialects and texts that highlight the influences that technology has had on language.

Section B: Language Discourses

You will consider how texts use language to present ideas, attitudes and opinions.

This section also offers you the opportunity to put your own discursive writing skills to the test on a subject linked to language in use.

Non-exam assessment 20%– Language in action 

The aim of this non-exam unit is to allow you to explore and analyse data independently and develop and reflect upon your own writing expertise. You will carry out two different kinds of individual research…

Language Investigation

You will undertake an independent investigation of language on a topic of your own choice. You will choose your own methodologies; select and analyse your own data and draw suitable conclusions from them.

Original writing and commentary

For the original writing task, you will produce one piece of original writing based on the power of persuasion, storytelling or information.

You will complete a commentary allowing you to reflect upon your decisions, the writing process and the effectiveness of your final piece.

How will it be delivered?

How Will I Be Assessed?

80% exam, 20% coursework. 

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirements for Sixth Form is Five 5s. For this course a 5 in English Language or English Literature is required.

Your next steps...

Leading To A Career In?

‘A’ Level English Language can help many career paths including journalism, writing, teaching, politics and the law. 


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